We are the one-stop shop for most of the industrial products. For software products like Siemens COMOS and Auvesy versiondog, we are the sole distributor for the Australia and New Zealand markets.

We will assist from the pre-sales support, provide consultancy around the products to answer any of the post-sales questions that you might have with the products.

If you have trouble sourcing some of the obsolete industrial products, whether it is hardware or software products do not hesitate to contact us. You will be surprise what we have to offer.


We have experienced staff that have modified, upgrade and installed CItect systems in a number of locations.

Rockwell Automation

As a system integrator with Rockwell Automation we are in a position to supply your system licenses and equipment at very competitive prices.

Siemens COMOS

We are the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Comos products. These project life cycle tools use an advanced object oriented design.


From Scada to MES we can provide the licenses you require along with the support and experience you require.