About Us

The Mescada team of skills expands across the complete suite of manufacturing automation, with the extended capabilities of integrating the automation and IT systems.

We pride ourselves as control system specialists, put a system in front of us and we will get it to work through working with the customer and the vendor!

We achieve our success through a team effort!

Our team’s skills include but are not limited to the following technologies:

  • All Siemens PLC’s and PCS7 (current and legacy) – S5, TI, Logo, SIMATIC NET, S7 1200, S7 1300, S7 1500, S7 200, S7 300 and S7400.
  • Experts with profibus setup, fault finding and device interfacing Siemens drives and interfaces using profibus – Sinamics and Simocode
  • Rockwell PLC and SCADA
  • GE and Omron PLC’s
  • Wonderware SCADA
  • GE iFix
  • Honeywell SCADA
  • Siemens, Honeywell, GE MES systems
  • Siemens COMOS Engineering Life Cycle Platform
  • OSISoft OSI PI Historian
  • RTU
  • Auvesy versiondog version control platform

Our Specialties

Siemens PCS7
Rockwell PLC/HMI
Siemens Simatic/HMI
MES Solution Provider

Our Core Values


We put Quality first in all our projects and services that we deliver.


We are Passionate about what we do as a team and individual.


Innovative thinking is part of our solution and service deliveries.


We are committed to deliver our projects and services in the most Efficient way.

MESCADA is a leading Industrial Automation and Process Control Solution Provider. The company is based in Melbourne, Victoria. MESCADA was founded on its exceptional technical capabilities across the Automation platform: from ERP level down to MES, DCS and instrumentations.

MESCADA has organically grown through its excellent reputation for it professionalism and advanced technical capabilities in automation design, optimisation, commissioning and ongoing technical support.

MESCADA has made its mark globally across several prestigious projects in the pharmaceutical, water, food & beverage, chemical, power, oil & gas and plastics industries.

MESCADA provides world class solutions at a competitive price. We work closely with our customer to find the best fit solution for their application. Understanding our customer enables us to identifying the right technologies and competencies to meet their specific requirements and expectations.

MESCADA is an ISO9001 certified Automation Company. Our Engineers are experienced in standards such as ISA88, ISA95, ISA99 and GAMP. The diverse skills and backgrounds of our highly qualified Engineers enable us to provide exceptional solutions across the broad spectrum of Industrial Automation Controls.

In 2011 MESCADA was announced a Siemens Solution Partner. Our capabilities in Siemens products especially Simatic PCS7 and Simatic IT (MES) are second to none and we have been recognised by Siemens as a preferred Solution Provider for the integration of Simatic products, Simatic PCS7 and Simatic IT (MES).

MESCADA is also recognised by NHP as a Rockwell system integrator.

In 2013 MESCADA has extended their Siemens product portfolio to be the first few Solution Partners in ASIA Pacific region to distribute COMOS products and provide COMOS solutions. In the same year, MESCADA Singapore branch was established to extend MESCADA services into ASIA Pacific market. We was appointed the sales and distribution channel for Auvesy versiondog products for Australia and New Zealands markets.

In earlier 2015 MESCADA was announce a Honeywell Solution Partner. MESCADA is responsible for delivering complex Honeywell Advanced Solutions for products such as Uniformance PHD, Matrikon Alarm Manager, Dynamo and MES Solutions.

MESCADA is privately owned with a fast growing team of Application Engineers and Control specialists.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experiences in Automation design, commissioning, fault findings and plant optimisation.

Our technical capabilities spread across old and new technologies i.e. from the older Siemens SIMATIC S5, SIMATIC TI, COROS, OP programming to the latest SIMATIC S7, SIMATIC WinCC, HMI programming, SIMATIC PCS7, SIMATIC IT, COMOS, Rockwell PLC, Factorytalk View, Wonderware SCADA systems, Honeywell Uniformance PHD, Matrikon Alarm Manager, OSI PI Historian and Auvesy versiondog version control platform.

Our capabilities extend beyond the Factory Automation and MES layer. We provide complex corporate IT solutions for the integration of the Automation and Administrative Networks, ensuring a strong and secure Automation network.

MESCADA provides support beyond the life of a project. The company offers ad hoc support for system improvements or design changes, 24 hour on call support and on-site training.